What is Eat Your Serial?

It’s a question I’ve been getting for a few months now, and it’s something I have a surprisingly difficult time answering.  It’s a simple concept, so I will try to keep my explanation similarly so.

Eat Your (Definition: Don’t eat mine.  I want it.  I’m hungry.)

Serial (Definition: as in, serialized writing.  Installments delivered in separate and regular intervals to allow for easily digested serving sizes.)

Serials have been a key part of our entertainment for centuries.  From the first time Ug left a cliffhanger on one of his cave paintings, to Dickens padding the hell out of his work for an extra dime, to the first time The Joker trapped Batman in a room filled with exploding presents, and to the ever infuriating LOST – serials have been the premier way to engage an audience and tell a captivating long form story.  While websites featuring serials are nothing new, I assure you – nothing even close to our scale has ever been attempted.

Every day of the five day work-week will feature a different serialized story by a different author.  Every Monday is your day to shine, and every Tuesday is your mom’s.  (Sorry Your Mom!  Didn’t mean to drag you into this!)  So on and so on.  This will give us the opportunity to showcase a variety of different upcoming talents and attract the widest possible audience. 

Eat Your Serial is more than just a (spectacularly awesome) pun.  We’re working hard to create a dynamic new destination to find new voices, in perfectly sized servings.

And it’s all going to be free.  Did I mention that? 

We’re looking for a few good men and women to join us as writers and editors, and a whole bunch of folks to make up our reading audience.  But more on that in the coming days.  I just wanted to take some time to say hello, write a way too wordy missive detailing our mission statement, and convey some of my extreme excitement over what’s coming.

I can’t wait.

Shawn Abraham

The Chief, Eat Your Serial


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