Editors Wanted.

Interested in being an Editor?   Like to edit stories and make fun of others, for their grammar?  This might just be the place for you.

How do you become one of our editors?    Well, this is how:

Submissions Should Include the Following:

Initial Editorial Submission
– Please inform us of past editorial experience (does not need to be professional)
– Please tell us preference of genre to edit
What You’ll be Doing:

– Work with writers to create a delivery schedule for new material.  This is key.  Considering the nature of serialized projects, it will be extremely important to have this schedule so that we can schedule the stories accordingly.
Schedule shall included:
– A set regular interval for the writer to provide you with new chapters
– A set period of time for you to return it to them with your edits
– A period of time to allow the two of you to go back and forth and agree on a finished chapter (don’t let this drag on for too long.  Stay strong!)
– A set date that you will provide the finished chapter to us here at EYS HQ.  Different writers work at different paces, so this could vary as wildly as a new chapter every week to a new chapter every two months.
With these schedules, we will be able to properly arrange for everyone’s work.
– Once the material is assigned, we ask our editors to sign a one page contract, assuring completion of project, as well as potential payment (Editors are entitled to a percentage of profits made from the stories they edit, if and when they are bought through Eat Your Serial’s website).

Still interested?  Send an email to submissions@eatyourserial with the subject line “Editor” and we’ll be in touch regardless.


The Eat Your Serial Staff

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