Writers Wanted.

Interested in being a Writer?   Well great!   All we want from you is a quick first submission.   We’ll review it, and if our review board loves it, we’ll set you up with an editor and get your stuff up on our site!

How do we do a submission?    Well, this is how:

Submissions Should Include the Following:

Story Outline/Synopsis of project being pitched
Original Content
Estimated Length – both of story and of chapters (Min 8, Max 52)
Writing Sample of 1-2 Chapters ONLY. It is preferred that the sample be from the story you wish to see published, though that is not required.
Stories can be in any genre, but we are not accepting any poetry or short stories at this time (we apologize).

Before Being Accepted For Publication
Please inform us if the work you’ve submitted to us has been published before, and where (this is not a problem).
Take note that publication on EYS is free promotion for your material.  You will receive compensation if/when your material is sold through the site.  You will retain all rights to your work after term completion.
We will assign you to an editor who will help you define a schedule.
Once Accepted
You will need 6 chapters (or 6 weeks worth) of material before your first publication date.
You will be asked to sign a general contract regarding schedules and rights as well as how to receive potential payment.
EYS will publish your story in its entirety.

Send all submissions to:   submissions@eatyourserial.com

We will get back to you no matter if you are accepted for publication or not.   Look forward to reading your stuff!

-The Review Board, Eat Your Serial

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