Creative Writing Tips

Ever hit a dead end?  Is writer’s block all too common?  Well, we here at the Serial want to get you going, and get the creative juices flowing.   So we’ve come up with a few simple tips.

First – just take a deep breath.  Writing is supposed to be fun right?  Don’t over think it and don’t worry about the rules – grammar or otherwise.  You can’t force an idea, so just let it come to you.  Your job is to do everything you can for inspiration – so do a lot of reading.  Get tips, talk with others, and see what kinds of methods those around you are using to break the cycle.

Jack Kerouac has 30 really cool tips to help get you going.

And my personal favorite, Kurt Vonnegut, has 8 ways to really get your writing project into people’s hearts.

Take a walk.  Bring a notebook.  Write down things you see and then try to describe them in detail.

Write one word.  Then write 10 words from that word, and so on and so forth.   What themes do you see developing?

The trick is to keep having fun.   Maybe distract your brain with some smaller exercises before committing to a giant project.

Good Luck!


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