Drink Your Serial – Photo Recap

On Saturday August 14th, we held our first public event – Drink Your Serial – at Paladar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.   We had 60+ people show up, we raffled off 4 amazing prizes throughout the night, and killed two kegs worth of Brooklyn Lager until nearly 3am – we are calling that a wild success and really do thank everyone for showing their support!   If you missed it, don’t worry – we’re already hard at work planning another party – and lets just say, this one will be nothing less than a bash.

Check out these pictures from the fantastic photographer, Corey Torpie, and if you want to see more check out our Facebook Page!

Signs like this are how you know it’s going down.

Senior Editors reduced to shameless promotion…

Plaid. The literary world’s best friend and worst enemy.

If our photographer is organizing a game of flip cup… who’s taking the pictures?

Jenn & Shawn

Thanks again to everyone who came out! You made the event a bigger success then we ever could have imagined!


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