What The?!? Marvel Gives EYS Advice at New York Comic Con

This past weekend was held none other than the mighty New York Comic Con. The world famous Jacob Javits Center was overflowing with legions of comic book fans clad in uniforms, adorned with mystical jewelry, and donning wigs, push-up bras, proton accelerators, and cod pieces. Eat Your Serial was there (well…actually…I was there and brought Eat Your Serial…umm…with me) checking out what’s new and exciting in the world of serialized fiction. Now, some of you may be saying:

“Hey! Hold on! What are you talking about? What do fan boys and tights have to with my daily ______ of serial?”

Well, I’ll tell you! EVERY-damn-THING. You see there is no greater example of serialized fiction than the comic book industry. Millions of people world wide wait eagerly week after week for the newest installments of their favorite Caped Crusaders, Wall Crawlers, Mercs-with-Mouths, Big Blue Boy Scouts, and Feral Alcoholic Canucks—and have done so for over 70 years (presumably in shifts).

Many don’t realize it either, but the comic book (or graphic novel) medium is far more versatile than the superhero genre; and the superhero genre can be far deeper than simply saving the girl. As you saw in the last EYS Blog the versatility of comic books and graphic novels can tell tales anywhere from Aunt May’s hot flashes to gripping allegories about the Holocaust. Not to say that there isn’t a middle ground (see: Magneto) but anything you can express in visual or written art you can express jointly in comics—and in a serialized format specifically tailored for your bite sized pleasure!

Now in my quest for comic book news and teasers I found myself at a panel entitled “Cup O’Joe”. Cup O’Joe was a panel talk with Marvel’s creative brass including Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, V.P. of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb, prolific Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis, Editor Tom Brevoort and a few others. I had the opportunity to ask them questions directly (not because that’s how I roll but because that’s the format of the panel…and that’s how I roll); so I asked ‘em a question just for you, our Serial Flakes!

For those of you who didn’t hear, my question was basically: how do you break through as a writer if you have to keep your day job? What Joe Quesada and Brian Michael Bendis said, once distilled to a point is short and powerful.

1)Make it about you—telling your story and making it good.

2) Have a finished product to show to editors and publishers. They are very busy and the best thing you can do is show them a finished product either online or self-published that they can look at when they get a moment.

3) Stay positive—breaking into writing is probably the hardest thing to do in, like, ever.

And that’s sound advice for anyone but especially for all of us at Eat Your Serial. We are an online publishing outlet for writers, editors, and creators. This is a great place for all of us to get started together and we’re excited to build bridges to big new places. I write here, I create here, and I put my blood, sweat, and tears into helping to build—what I think—will be one of the greatest places for new writers and artists to get exposure on the internet; and I guaran-damn-tee you I wasn’t paid to say that. I believe it and when we launch we’re gonna show everyone exactly what to Eat and where they can Eat it. I can’t wait until we’re at the “Shawn of a New Day” panel at NYCC, representing Eat Your Serial, giving advice to schlubs like me on ways to break in and stay positive. Its gonna happen—and sooner than you think.

So come on. Eat it.

Brandon Melendez- Creative Director, Contributing Writer/Cartoonist, Fanboy


One thought on “What The?!? Marvel Gives EYS Advice at New York Comic Con

  1. Fanboy looks confused :O) You look happy :o0 I dig your post and I eat ceral. Way to go Brandon! One day, very soon, there will be other writer’s asking you questions while you sit on a panel of professionals. You will be just as helpful and giving as you are now and Fanboy won’t be so confused any longer!

    Bonnie B.

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