Kickstarter Contest!

We have received 50 awesome backers to Eat Your Serial during our run, and could not be more appreciative to everyone that’s helped.   However,  we are about to up the ante a little bit:

We’re running a pretty great contest.

It’s pretty easy too.   Right now we have 50 backers.   We have 11 days left to get to our $7 ,000 goal and if we don’t reach that, we receive $0. (That’s just how Kickstarter operates).

All you have to do?   Be our 75th backer and receive a FREE 2-month gym membership from Gold’s Gym (in Syracuse).

Oh but wait… there’s more.    Gold’s Gym in Dewitt (Syracuse) has said that if #75 donates $75 or more, they will make it a THREE month free membership.

Gold’s Gym is an amazing place to work out – they have an indoor track, a pool, dozens of classes 7 days a week, racquetball courts, tennis courts, personal trainers, and much more.

Oh and if that wasn’t enough…. they are going to add tanning to the membership, a Personal Trainer session AND a 30 minute massage!

Are you one of our 50 awesome backers that has already donated?   Well don’t worry.  If you get a friend to donate and that person becomes #75, they will get the membership and you will also receive a reward.  Even if you’re not in the Syracuse area!


Just make sure to visit our kickstarter page in order to enter into this contest!


Now here’s the trick….  if by November 6, we do not reach our goal of $7,000 no one wins, including us here at Eat Your Serial.

So here’s to everyone winning!   Good luck, and here’s to #75, whoever you may be!


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