Merry Christmas from Eat Your Serial!

There are 17 days left until Christmas and we here at Eat Your Serial are busy decorating.  I think one of us may be a bit confused about what holiday we’re actually celebrating, but I think it’s safe to say that from this picture this clearly is not what we’re all looking forward to here…


With only 17 days left, are you done with your shopping yet?   What are some of the traditions that you participate in every year?


What books are you hoping will be placed under the tree?



One thought on “Merry Christmas from Eat Your Serial!

  1. Took my youngest son to Grand Central in Manhattan for his Christmas shopping at the Holiday Fair. He was done in 45 minutes. The best part was his looking up at the ceiling with the constellations. Awesome moment. We placed colored lights outside our house. Our tree will go up the week before Christmas. I am going to suggest a cookie exchange for my son’s class. Merry Christmas everyone and a healthy New Year.

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