“Simon Berkley” by Leon Noble

Every day this week, we will be previewing one of our five launch titles.

Starting April 4th, 2011, Eat Your Serial will be proudly presenting: “Simon Berkley” by Leon Noble.


About the Serial

Simon Berkley is a simple kind of man. Like many of us, he uses his psychic powers playing clairvoyant to lonely widows to pay the bills, but he prefers to spend his free time smoking and drinking with his wizard friend, Phil, and Alice, the sometimes-friendly ghost who haunts him. Simon’s everyday existence is disrupted, however, when he is nearly killed and fellow members of the supernatural community fall victim to a series of gruesome murders. Never one to shy away from deadly conflict, Simon and his friends tackle harpies, witches, and local law enforcement to solve the mystery and stop the murderous rampage before it’s too late.

About the Author

Leon Noble was born in a small town in Puerto Rico, where his passion for anything weird began with the myths and ghost stories of the old folk living there. He began his artistic journey through drawing and sketching, but quickly found words a more suitable outlet for the people living inside his brain.

His passions are well written stories and Guillermo Del Toro movies. He is currently writing his third Fantasy\Horror novel in New York city where he lives with his family and is the only avid bookworm of the bunch.

You can connect with him on twitter: @leonnoblerocks


As an added bonus, we’re also excited to share with you a first look at the cover art for this online serial. It was designed by Michael Samuels, a man of few words but immense talent.

Come back tomorrow for a look at the second title of our launch lineup!


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