“Carry Me Home” by K. Syrah

Every day this week, we will be previewing one of our five launch titles.

Starting April 5th, 2011, Eat Your Serial will be proudly presenting: “Carry Me Home” by K. Syrah.

About the Serial

…Being out here is like living a life in sepia; everything is faded
into a dull, sweltering brown as colorless as the sand…

Life was different before deployment. Easy. Back in Fort Riley, Sergeant Lorelei Edwards was a proud soldier who could flaunt a short skirt, sling back a Long Island and disassemble a bomb with equal effortlessness. But Iraq changed all that. War blasted it all apart. Suddenly everything Lorelei thought she knew, all the relationships she treasured — her own identity — is brought under the harsh light of inquisition. Lorelei finds herself struggling to cope with a new life, a life that to her seems shattered beyond repair.

Heartfelt and provoking, K. Syrah’s “Carry Me Home” shows that there is more than one kind of strength, that a soldier can take many forms, and that sometimes the most vicious battle we fight comes from within.

About the Author

K. Syrah was born in Asia, and raised in Europe before making her home in the United States. She grew up assimilating and critiquing various cultures. She spent her first six years of adulthood in seven different states, and hasn’t stopped moving since. Her ability to analyze culture as an outsider has fueled her writing, much of which can be found on her social-commentary themed weblog, Shoes Never Worn. She is one half of a dual-military couple that will soon be experiencing a simultaneous deployment to two different theatres.

Come back tomorrow for a look at the third title of our launch lineup!


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