“WMDs: Women of Men’s Destruction” by Marty Evan

Every day this week, we will be previewing one of our five launch titles.

Starting April 6th, 2011, Eat Your Serial will be proudly presenting: “WMDs: Women of Men’s Destruction” by Marty Evans.

About the Serial

Ever been hurt?  Ever wanted to take revenge on the person who hurt you?  “WMD’s: The Women of Men’s Destruction” explores is the unnerving mission of vengeance undertaken by four jaded friends against their ex-girlfriends. Fueled by alcohol and anger, follow Nave Bruno and his confederates in this twisted tale that explores everything from faith to cheeseburgers, with a good bit of violence and laughter mixed in. And when the dust settles, nothing will be the same again.

About the Author

Marty Evan was born in 1981.  His next achievement was graduating from Buffalo University 24 years later in 2005 with a BFA in communication design.  Since then he has traveled New York State as a construction worker, living in hotels and learning about the harder points of existence.  Inspired by the harsh and some times humorous realities of life, love and addiction, he writes about what he sees in an increasingly tough world.

And because you’ve been good, here’s a first look at the “WMDs” cover by Dave Feheley:

Come back tomorrow for a look at the fourth title of our launch lineup!


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