“Letters to M” by Peter M. Love

Every day this week, we will be previewing one of our five launch titles.

Starting Thursday April 7th, 2011, Eat Your Serial will be proudly presenting: “Letters to M” by Peter M. Love.

About the Serial

It’s the usual story. You hang out, play some bridge, occasionally write letters to a girl in class that you never send. There are lots of ways to get a girl; you learn from the best and try and them all. Martin Applegate is a man with a mission. He has identified his girl. He knows his methods. Now, it’s just about the application.

Teenage life in Britain. It’s exciting, especially if you are white, middle-class and play bridge.

About the Author

Peter M Love was born in South Lough. Peter went to Leyster Comprehensive School which he left in 1989 to work in a call centre. He has since returned to South Lough where he trains supply chain managers. He lives with his wife and two children.

You can connect with him on twitter: @petermlove

And not that you should judge a book by its cover, but we’re excited to share a first look at the “Letters to M” cover by Marilyn Gomez:

Come back tomorrow for a look at the fifth and final title of our launch lineup!


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