New Serial Next Wednesday: Murdertrain

Starting next Wednesday, Eat Your Serial is proud to present the gritty pulp novella Murdertrain by By C.S. Gibson

Murdertrain is a gritty pulp crime novella that follows Bo “Murdertrain” Hoskins, a wrestler-turned-mob enforcer who’s been given a week by his employers to find his missing brother in Honolulu, Hawaii. With the mysterious Honda brothers at his side, he crawls the sleaziest nightclubs, tiki bars and roach motels, looking for a clue as to his brother’s fate and crossing every would-be gangster, hired muscle and dangerous femme fatale on the island of Oahu. Ultimately, it’s a story about a man looking for peace after nearly 20 years of violence, trying to reconnect with a brother he’s lost touch with and finding out the real brothers are the men he bled with, ending with a last-ditch effort to undo the damage he’s done.

Don’t miss next week’s exciting debut chapter! And as an added bonus, Murdertrain features a cover by Ben Silberstein, the fan favorite artist of the recently concluded Ten Years Gone!


New Serial Next Friday: Tricks and Stones

Starting next Friday, Eat Your Serial is proud to present the heart wrenching story Tricks and Stones by By Jesi M. Williams.

Some people are destined to learn things the hard way. Can Ele discover that true loves comes from within, or will a life of abuse, tragedy, prostitution, and death prove to be too much to handle? Tricks and Stones tells the story of one woman’s journey through life, and the hard lessons learned along the way.

Here is a sneak peak at the cover for the book by Kaitlyn McCoy: