New Serial Tomorrow! On the Cusp of the Earth by Lorena Gay

After a month of pulling double duty, Mister Mercury is relinquishing its Thursday slot for the latest and greatest serial to date! Author Lorena Gay will weave a tale of love, secrets, and international intrigue that will need to be read to be believed… Keep reading for more about “On the Cusp of the Earth”!

Emma isn’t normal. She’s a highly intelligent engineer who struggles with Bipolar disorder and a dark past. While working at a prominent defense company, she develops the next major weapon of mass destruction, which will redefine warfare for the future. After finally getting a date with her mysterious coworker, Ruel, she realizes they might have more of a connection than just romantic. On a business trip together to Russia, the two take their fledgling relationship to the next level the night before war is declared between Russia and the United States. With Interpol in pursuit, they flee the country amidst the newfound chaos and discover along the way that the other is hiding something, but neither is quite sure what.

Check back tomorrow for the first thrilling chapter!


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