Eat Your Serial and DiscoverLit: Announcing a Delicious New Partnership!

Happy New Year from all of us at Eat Your Serial! 2011 was a banner year for us – from Kickstarter, to our launch, to all the great content from our fantastic writers. And really… we owe it all to you and your support.

As 2012 kicks into high gear, there are a whole slew of exciting developments on the horizon. What we’re here to tell you about today is a new partnership that we’re all extremely stoked for. DiscoverLit is a new player on the online serial scene. Together, we’re finally able to offer subscriptions to our content, allowing for easier access and a broader reach for our author’s serials.

All the new content on will continue to be free to read, but through DiscoverLit’s platform we will be able to offer paid subscriptions – first through email, and eventually to mobile devices.

But enough out of us, head on over to DiscoverLit and take a peak around. This is just the start of what is sure to be a great partnership, and there will be a lot more great content to come!


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