Blogging 101 with Marc Polite

Here at Eat Your Serial we survey all kinds of serials in our efforts to offer you the best daily serving for your literary consumption. Serials, as defined by us here around the Eat Your Serial castle, come in a variety of shapes and flavors; they could be the fantastic stories we have available all week, or comic books, or video games, or movie series, or television—as long as the narrative is consistent and continued in installments. As such we are also big fans the blog.

The blog is a relatively new addition to both the serial genre and the larger creative writing genre. Many of you out there may be surprised to find out that there is, in fact, a craft to a proper and successful blog—rules of thumb, manuals of style, and generally good practices that separate a quality blog from an  “online article”, or a teenage girl’s unedited rants.

Recently, Eat Your Serial Creative Director Brandon Melendez had Marc Polite of Polite on Society speak to his creative writing class at Metropolitan College of New York on just those practices in a workshop entitled “Finding Your Voice in the Blogosphere”. Mr. Polite was kind enough to allow the Pompous (and Circumstantial) Professor to interview and record his lecture just for you, our Flakes.  So without further ado, we invite you to get some tips straight from the source of successful blogging; we invite you to watch another installment of Eat Your Serial’s Video Toast—Blogging 101 with Marc Polite.

Polite is National Black Press All Star’s Best Blogger of 2011 and is a strong voice in the blogosphere in progressive politics and matters concerning the African-American community in specific and America at large. For more on Marc Polite please visit his site Polite on Society or follow him on Twitter at @MarcPolite


2 thoughts on “Blogging 101 with Marc Polite

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  2. Outstanding.  SGA alumni, growing up and making a difference.  Congrats and kudos.  I hope to join you two one day.  I’m working on it…

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