One Year Later: A Letter from the President

One year.

It seems surreal that it’s been a full year since the first chapter of Simon Berkley graced our brand new site. Its been an incredible year, filled with amazing content provided by some truly gifted writers and artists.

Leon Noble’s creepy Simon Berkley. K. Syrah’s powerful Carry Me Home. Marty Evan’s shocking WMDs: Women of Men’s Destruction. Peter M. Love’s touching Letters to M. Brandon Melendez and Ben Silberstein’s hilarious Ten Years Gone: Pomp and Circumstance. Giando Sigurani’s epic Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth. Ryan Laukat’s imaginative The Mechanism. Christopher Schule and E.P. Grenier’s futuristic Lost Hope. Jesi M. Williams’ heartbreaking Tricks and Stones. C.S. Gibson’s brutal Murdertrain. Lorena Gay’s thrilling On the Cusp of the Earth. Susan Weinstein’s vintage The Anarchist’s Girlfriend.

These are the stories and flavors that made Eat Your Serial the success that it is. More than any single adjective, these stories brought unique and varied content DAILY to hungry readers. We never missed a day and for that thanks needs to be given to the editorial team run by David Missal and Nick Newert. Special thanks also goes to the rest of our tremendously talented executive board of Brandon Melendez, Matthew Thomas, and Jenn Pedde. Without all of whom, plain and simple, this site would never have existed.

And on the topic of staff, it’s my privilege to announce that there be some changes to our management structure that will guarantee the continued growth and success of Eat Your Serial. Nick Newert will become the new Editorial Director of all of our literary content, replacing David Missal. Mr. Missal will be replacing ME as the CEO of Eat Your Serial. Their passion and vision of what is to come will lead to  some fairly significant changes to our business model, and how we plan to get the amazing content from our creators into the hands of you: our hungry readers.

You guys who have stood by and supported our fledgling company through the successes of our 2010 Kickstarter campaign, straight through our site launch a year ago today.

Today we celebrate you, our creators, and all the hard work that got us to this point.

Tomorrow, we talk about the future.


Shawn Abraham

The Chief, Eat Your Serial


One thought on “One Year Later: A Letter from the President

  1. Shawn,
    A great story of sticking with it. Publishing is tough. I worked on the West Cork People in southwest Ireland for a couple of years, all sweat and love and reward. Good luck with the next thing.

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