Introducing…The New Toast

Hello Flakes,

As you’ve no doubt read by now, Eat Your Serial has been marking its once year anniversary with a few changes. From the address issued by President Shawn Abraham to the change in format outlined by our new CEO David Missal, I’m sure you’re excited for the new initiatives at the company. Well hold on to your hats because we’ve got more coming!

In the sweeping changes, I your literarily loquacious Creative Director, Brandon Melendez, have had my executive mandate expanded in my new role as Media Director. What does that mean? Well, among other things it means that I’ll be spearheading the initiative to bring you daily content from Eat Your Serial via our blog, The Toast. The relaunch of The Toast will bring an entirely new dimension to your daily dose of serial. We will be covering a variety of topics and areas and serving them up for your consumption on a daily basis.

And when I say we, I mean we. I’ve assembled a Bullpen the likes of which the blogging world has never seen. I’m serious. I am truly excited by the talent gathered to be our Bullpen. The Toast now has a dream team of writers, bloggers, and minds.  I, along with Senior Editor and Daily Content Supervisor, Jon Bannon, couldn’t be prouder to present to you our Bullpen (in no particular order):


Kaite Sperduti

Marc Polite

Fat Lee Adama (FMA)

Elizabeth Schmermund

Ezenwa Anyanwu

Mike Minch

Nick Newert

Shawn Abraham

David Missal

Brandon Melendez


Yep. These are the names you’ll be seeing regularly on the Toast starting May 5th, 2012. Some you’re sure to know…others maybe you know from other places…others still are entirely new to most of you. I assure you, none of these brilliant writers will disappoint in their missions to entertain and inform you.

In the coming weeks check in at the Toast when you read your favorite stories. I’ll be teasing information along the way.


Until Then…


Brandon Melendez

Media Director

Eat Your Serial, Inc.


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