The New Toast is Coming…But What is It?

 This coming week is New Toast Week here at Eat Your Serial. The New Toast is launching this Saturday—May 5th, CINCO DE MAYO, 2012. Make sure to check in all week as we’ll be having some great teasers for you everyday…starting today!

 As I told you a few weeks back, we’ve truly assembled a great re-launch bullpen for the Toast that, actually has me shaking in my seat a little bit. We really went all out in trying to find the most intelligent, entertaining, and talented contributors anywhere and I feel that we succeeded in our task…SUCCEEDED HARD. In the realm of intelligence we have a highly educated bullpen here. From college grads, to masters of their field, to PhDs-in-waiting we’ve assembled here a team that is focused, fun, and fantastic.

 Some of you may be wondering…”Brandon, what is this New Toast, how is it different than the old Toast, or even the middle Toast of the last few weeks? Brandon, aren’t you guys going too far with this food pun?” You may be wondering all that. And I’ll answer all those questions.


 The New Toast, and what makes it so new, is a re-launch of the Eat Your Serial company blog. Whereas the Old (see stale) Toast was occasionally a little feature here and there (mostly by or involving yours truly) and some company announcements to you, our beloved Flakes, the New Toast is going to be a highly regimented daily bread blogging machine that is designed to serve you, not run on sentences like this one, but refined, edited, crafted, daily content and thoughtful, intelligent, witty, thought provoking feature content. The Toast will cover technology, pop culture, books, and global domination—well if we can get a global domination blogger it’ll cover that. Essentially we are looking to be your go to reading source, not just for fiction but also for your education, entertainment, and edification. The past few weeks where a few of our New Toast bullpen have been helping out while I strove to provide you with daily content was just a taste, a smattering, a delectable tip of a delicious reading iceberg of gluten-filled words (now I’ve gone too far with the food stuff) that we have in store for you with the New Toast.

 Well, I don’t want to give too much away today. Its only Monday, and I’ve got more to dole out all week. A lot more; the New Toast is bigger than a bread basket, baby (OK, I’m gonna try to stop I promise). Check in every day, I’ll be slicing up the news for you (D’oh) and hopefully you’ll get as excited about this as I am. AND I AM.


 Brandon Melendez

 Media Director

 Eat Your Serial, Inc.


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