The New Toast: Daily and Feature Content

Its day two of New Toast Shameless Promotion Week here at Eat Your Serial and I’m back to shamelessly promote the New Toast. See, we’ve got this planned out. We’ve got all kinds of feature content, tailored to your tastes and focused in with laser beams and satellites on your interests. You wouldn’t believe the kinds of feature content that we have coming at you weekly, monthly, and daily. Of course, it’s all different. Each serving of Toast is a different variety, a different shade, a different approach, and a different size. So you might be saying “Brandon, we get it. It’s different. Are you gonna tell us what’s different, or are we gonna have to smack you with a thesaurus?” Well, there’s no need to get violent. Seriously, you should calm down with that. I’m gonna tell you how it all works.


 We’ve got daily content, and we’ve got feature content. They are different, but both will be served to you on the regular. What makes them different? Well, we’re all a big super happy family bullpen back here, and everybody pulls their weight in different ways. The Daily Content Team, though, they pull the whole week.

Our Daily Content Team is Senior Daily Content Editor Mr. Jon Bannon (a king among men) and our Staff Writer Ms. Katie Sperduti (our resident Lois Lane and Zombie Consultant). They’ll be giving you the dirt on movies, books, music, news, and entertainment at large for the lion’s share of the week. Ms. Sperduti is a journalist—and the good kind that exposes lies instead of spinning them—she’ll bring all the integrity of real journalism with her as she tears apart pop culture at large and serves it up for you to devour on a regular basis. Jon will be handling the back end of things dotting the i’s and lower case j’s (for the daily and feature content as a matter of fact, hence “king among men”). If all goes well in the universe you’ll hear from Jon almost never; but just know that he is there greasing the wheels and making our machine run. The Daily Content Team are our foot soliders, and the majority of the New Toast relies on them. They will be providing the digestible and wonderful content that will draw you to us daily. I am proud and honored to work with them, I am humbled to know them

On the other end of that coin is the Feature Content Team. I’ll be introducing them individually as their columns start running. The Feature Content Team will be providing monthly or weekly columns that focus on a specific niche of the world of culture and entertainment. These columns are going to be longer than your average post from our awesome Daily Content Team, and they will revolve around a particular theme or topic. Whereas the Daily Content Team will be producing our newspaper style blog posts the Feature Content Team will be producing our Magazine Style Content. The Feature Content will be running on the weekends mostly, though as we add more features we will start to overlap our daily team with posts from the feature team. We want you to do all your reading with us so the goal is to offer you a delectable buffet of words and thoughts at different serving sizes that you can’t turn down. Our hope is that your brain gets fat here and doesn’t want to wear a bathing suit because its had too much from us.The team we’ve assembled here is an especially eclectic group to work with—they come from different corners of the universe and their perspectives and interests reflect that. Their enthusiasm in joining the New Toast is inspiring.

Additionally, because I read so many comic books as a kid I know that monthly and weekly content isn’t enough. Every quarter there’s an extra weekend, which means every quarter we’re running special quarterly content blogs. I’ll tell you more about these in the future but suffice it to say that us muckety muck executive share holders will be doing special things every quarter for you Flakes.

So now you know Katie and Jon, our Daily Content Team. You know how the daily and feature content works. You know we’ve got expansions coming (web comics? More features? We’re on it!). What don’t you know? Well don’t you know that you don’t know what you don’t know? Did you follow that? Check back tomorrow and the rest of the week, because the Eat Your Serial and New Toast news is just gonna keep coming. Eat it.

Brandon Melendez

Media Director

Eat Your Serial, Inc.


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