The End of an Era….The Start of an Era

Today marks the end of the first era of Eat Your Serial. I have overthrown EYS founder Shawn Abraham and EYS CEO David Missal, and I am currently engulfed in the final stages of a battle with EYS Media Director Brandon Melendez. I will win, though. I control all the commas and apostrophes. It’s only a matter of time. Much like Master Blaster runs Bartertown, I will run Eat Your Serial.

So what will come in the Age of Nick? Well, I’m glad you asked, though I really think you should get used to addressing me as He That Is Mighty and Generous. It’s the way things are going to be, after all.

Ok, so things will be nothing like that after today. Shawn and David are very much alive and well, for one. Secondly, we will never tell them about the secret plans to take over, right? Things will be changing, though.

Since last April, we here at Eat Your Serial have brought you twelve novels told over the course of 283 chapters. That is by no means a small feat for a company of our size, I might even be so bold as to say that what Eat Your Serial has done is near Herculean, though I don’t really remember publishing coming up at all in Hercules’ twelve labors. And while we’ve enjoyed bringing you these twelve novels, we’ve seen places we can grow and evolve into a stronger, better source for your entertainment and education, and we’re going to be trying new and different things to be that stronger, better company for you.

Eat Your Serial will be making some very major changes. The first change that we’re making is shifting our web presence away from novels and towards a daily blog and featured columns. This will continue to allow us to bring you entertaining and informative content on a daily basis. Media Director Brandon Melendez has touched on this in the last several weeks, laying the groundwork for our new and improved version of The Toast

While Brandon, Senior Daily Content Editor Jon Bannon, and their tremendous stable of writers gives you hot and fresh daily content on our blog, changes will be shaping up on the literary publishing side of Eat Your Serial as well. With the help of Eat Your Serial’s amazing editors, we will be putting together what we hope to be a quarterly collection of short stories, poems, essays, illustrations, and so much more.

We look forward to telling you more in the coming weeks about our endeavor and how you can become a published author with Eat Your Serial. In the meantime, let the bullpen of The Toast wow you with their tremendous work

Before I go though, I would like to take a moment to thank a group that oftentimes goes unsung in publishing, and that’s the editors here at Eat Your Serial. It can be a tough job to help and author edit their book, and an even tougher time dealing with my J. Jonah Jameson-esque style of bloviating and demanding commas, MORE COMMAS! So thank you to Kelli Lapointe, Serena Abraham, Justin Loutsch, Lauren Partridge, Alicia Buxton, Ryan Mason, Megan Sweany, and  Jon Bannon.

With that, we close the first chapter of Eat Your Serial’s story and move onto the next.  We’re glad to have you along for the journey.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Hercules got immortality after his twelve labors, the least we can get after publishing twelve novels is a (very) short nap.

Nick Newert

Editorial Director

Eat Your Serial, Inc.


One thought on “The End of an Era….The Start of an Era

  1. Good luck, Nick. I had a great experience working with Eat Your Serial!  And I hope to publish with you again in the

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