Two Big Reveals About the New Toast

Its Thursday here at Eat Your Serial’s New Toast Shameless Self-Promotion Week and we’re riding on the coattails of Editorial Director Nick Newert’s major announcement of our format change, the blockbuster realization of our forthcoming literary magazine, and his staunch ultimatum to meet me in a battle for the interwebs OR ELSE. Well, two out of three of those really.

At any rate, today is the first weekday in our history that we have not run a chapter of a book for you to enjoy, which is all part of the format change. Luckily, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been building the foundation of the New Toast for a couple weeks now, providing you with quality content in the blog—quality as defined by me, as I’ve been writing most of it. Today shall be no different.

Here’s your reveal: Web Comics are coming to Fridays at Eat Your Serial.

That’s right. If you thought that just because we weren’t giving away chapters for free anymore that you’d be high and dry on a variety of content you’d be wrong. In addition to our Daily and Feature Content we’re also going to be running weekly web comics. We’re working hard to develop a strong stable of comics that we hope will provide a core for us to become a WEB COMICS POWERHOUSE. We’ve got a few properties in development and, as of e-ink on this blog, one ready for publication starting Friday May 11th.

OH? That’s not a big enough reveal for you, you say? You want something different you say? IS THAT NOT ENOUGH FOR OUR FLAKES?

Fine. I’ll give you something different. I aims to please.

Since I last dropped the names of our great stable of Daily and Feature writers we’ve added another to the list. His blog is going to be (with more reveals to come) very different from our other content and, with no unjustified puns, will be putting the EAT in Eat Your Serial.

I’d like to welcome Kurt Krumme to The Toast Bullpen.

What is he gonna be writing about you may ask? How is he putting the Eat in Eat Your Serial? For that you’ll have to wait for his column to start next week.

I’ll be introducing all of our bloggers as their posts start to run starting tomorrow, when you’ll meet the columnists for this weekend’s content. Oh, and guess what. You already know them pretty darn well.

Until then…eat it.


Brandon Melendez

Media Director

Eat Your Serial, Inc.


3 thoughts on “Two Big Reveals About the New Toast

  1. Welcome Kurt Krumme,
    I cannot put my finger on it, but something tells me you were distend to write for “Toast” part of “Eat Your Serial”

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