Introducing…Child’s Play and Four Color Fiend!

Well, we’re here.  Well, actually, we’re almost here…or there…well…what I’m saying is its almost time. Tomorrow is the big relaunch day. The New Toast is upon us. It’s Cinco De Mayo, and before you get your gringo style inebriation rolling, make sure you check in and read this weekend’s great feature content.

Would you like to know what’s coming out this weekend? Just asking isn’t enough? You want some answers?


On Saturday you’ll be hearing more from…well…me, actually. I’ll be bringing my column Child’s Play from the Old Toast into the New Toast. What’s Child’s Play, some of you who didn’t read the Old Toast might be asking. Well, I’ll tell you…in the third person.

Child’s Play- Brandon Melendez

Child’s Play is a retrospective monthly column that focuses on video games and video game culture. It is written from the life experience and preferences of its author, Brandon Melendez, and studies the themes of video game series. The column takes a light-hearted yet thorough look at the development of the medium through the life of the author. Taking a hard look his stand-out favorites or a series in totality, Child’s Play is a sure walk down memory lane to a simpler time when  quarter fueled arcade cabinets only cost 25 cents and when gamers dreaded the blinking red light instead of the red ring of death.


On Sunday comes a brand new column that’s sure to save us all from the unfocused gamma irradiated ire from the heart and mind of Editorial Director Nick Newert.

Four Color Fiend- Nick Newert

Four Color Fiend is as much a retrospective and break down of comics as it is an introspective trip through the life and mind of an avid life-long comic book reader. Nick Newert brings his fists full of rage and opinions in this monthly column as well as his sense of humor infused with his frustrations (did we mention that Mr. Newert has anger issues?). Four Color Fiend will inspect every corner of the comicdom as it pertains to Nick’s experience, and it’ll never fail to entertain you in every observation and anecdote.


What? You still want more?

Well then, I’ll tell you what: keep coming back all next week as we debut our DAILY CONTENT and FOUR MORE FEATURES: two weeklies, a monthly, and a web comic. What, did you think I was blowing hot air when I told you we had a lot of reading coming your way? Well, Flakes, you don’t know the half of it! But, it’s time to stop writing checks and time to start cashing them. I hope to see you back here every day to see what we’ve cooked up for you–and make sure to bring all your friends, we’ve made enough to share.

In all sincerity, I am proud to present to you Eat Your Serial’s The Toast.




Brandon Melendez

Media Director

Eat Your Serial, Inc.


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