Classic Children’s Author Maurice Sendak Passes Away

Many of us are introduced to books and learn to read with highly stylized and creative stories. These books not only help us build good decoding skills but also foster our imaginations and allow us to escape into worlds so fantastic that only children can inhabit them. Rare are the author’s whose impact and creativity are so endeared that generations pass these stories down as a shared experience and treasure unto that of family heirlooms. Maurice Sendak was one of those authors.

Perhaps most famous for his landmark work Where the Wild Things Are, Sendak was one of those wonderful children’s authors who combined
illustrations with choice words to tell stories that were forever endearing. Personally, I was most influenced by his animated adaptation of his Nutshell Library collection Really Rosie. I specifically was always fond of Pierre (A Cautionary Tale) about an

ap athletic little boy who literally walks into the mouth of a lion in order to become enthused about life. The animated special featured his books sung by legendary vocalist Carole King. My wife is especially fond of Chicken Soup with Rice. Recently, Wild Things was adapted into a feature film that was met with mixed reviews.

Other notable acts include some of the early discussions and funding of Sesame Street and philanthropic donations to the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services in the memory of his partner Eugene Glynn.

Unfortunately, Maurice Sendak passed away Tuesday May 8th, 2012 due to complications of a stroke. Though Sendak was not a fan of e-books and e-publishing, we at Eat Your Serial are deeply saddened by his passing. His spirit will live on in the immortality of his fantastic work and his impact will undoubtedly be felt for generations to come. Sendak was 83.



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