Beach House “Blooms” with Fourth Album

After the wild success of their third effort “Teen Dream,” fans of the indie dream team Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand, otherwise known as Beach House, had huge shoes to fill. Fans and critics considered “Teen Dream” to be a near perfect album with its flawless production and exceptional song writing. Their latest album, “Bloom” from SubPop records, leaked this past week, and while the record company (and perhaps the band) may be in a panic, the fans, including this one, are rejoicing over another fantastic record. The band has yet to experience an album slump with any of their releases.

"Bloom" Album Cover

The music sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a beautiful dream. Legrand’s whimsical and almost haunting voice surrounded by a haze of guitar and keyboard melodies could be pulled straight out of a fairytale. Beach House has created, perfected and defined the dream pop genre with their distinctive rhythms, full of texture and otherworldly melodies.

Their first single, “Myth,” was released March 8th. The single majestically drifts in and out seamlessly throughout the song. A solid lead to the album, “Myth” allows the rest of the album to blossom into stronger tracks. The strongest track, “Lazuli,” sounds like an awesome mix between a music box and a video game, with the opening chords, gradually scaling up and down while leading into the song.

The band recruited producer Chris Coady, who also produced the band’s 2010 released “Teen Dream.”  Although the band has been making consistently solid records since their 2006 debut, it seems lighting has struck twice. After the wildly popular “Teen Dream” and now “Bloom,” it seems Coady has taken Beach House’s music to even more dramatic peaks.

While the album is absolutely solid and probably one the best albums of this year (yes, already, and you can quote me on this) it is not without flaws. The band’s sleepy, hazy and carefree sound can wear on the listener after a while. The songs seem to aimlessly wander on longer than they need to. While the sound is stunning, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. The band’s sound may also be a preferred taste. Not everyone can get into such a unique sound.

With summer just around the corner, this is the perfect album to throw on for a relaxing night by the fire or under the stars. The wistful sound is a great way to take you away to a far-away land without leaving your backyard.

This album is without a doubt, one of my favorites this year (so far.) With a society full of repetitive pop songs and a dubstep pandemic sweeping the nation’s airwaves, it’s refreshing to hear such a crisp and original sound with so much depth. If you’re looking for a little subtle drama in your music, this is the album for you. If Beach House’s fourth album, “Bloom,” is the soundtrack to my dreams, then I never want to wake up.


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