Introducing…Cooking is Easy and The Dao of Ninjape

Dear Flakes,

The new Toast just keeps getting better and better. If you thought that the weekends were the only time that you would be getting feature articles, well think again! In addition to the high quality daily content that the Toast offers, we’re also bringing you Feature Content during the week. The first of these weekly features is tomorrow–and it’s definitely going to leave you hungry with your mouth watering! Starting Friday is a visual affair that I think will have you coming back week after week for more.


Cooking is Easy- Kurt Krumme

Starting tomorrow, Kurt Krumme will be putting the “Eat” in Eat Your Serial with his weekly column: Cooking is Easy. Krumme is the proprietor of the Clinton, New York restaurant Kabobviously!, and has a philosophy about cooking that is sure to entice all the flakes out there. It is his core belief that food should be delicious and that delicious food is not hard to make. In fact, it’s pretty simple. Bringing a sense of humor and lightness to the often overly serious and self-important world of cooking, Kurt’s column is sure to make you feel capable of cooking anything–and you’ll certainly have an easy time whipping up your culinary treats in no time. I can personally attest to Kurt’s cooking prowess having eaten of his labors, and I’m sure you’ll be convinced, too. His passion for cooking and food is tempered only by his instance that you also can do it, and inexpensively at that. Check out Cooking is Easy every Thursday at Eat Your Serial.


BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! (There’s always more!)

As I mentioned before, we in the Toast Bullpen have been working hard to cultivate a strong stable of varied content for you and this Friday will prove no different. Starting this week, we are glad to announce our first web comic!


The Dao of Ninjape- Brandon Melendez

The Dao of Ninjape is a simple series about a father teaching his son lessons about life and the path to manhood. Of course the father and son are apes and the path is the way of the ninja, but that’s just a technicality. Come join Ninjape and his son, Ninjape Junior, as they navigate the use of a katana, the best ways to resolve conflicts, and what is and isn’t cheesing in multi-player games.

The Dao of Ninjape is a comic that inspects the trappings of modern life, nerdage, and the lessons of raising a child to become a man…ape…ninja…well…you know what we mean. The strip aims to be both humorous and intelligent while remaining simple and easily digested. We hope it will become a part of your regular diet and routine of sliding into the weekend.


Come back tomorrow for the first installment of Cooking is Easy and visit on Friday for the first installment of The Dao of Ninjape, as well as an introduction to this weekend’s Feature Content and much more. We weren’t lying when we said we had a lot in store for you, and this ain’t even the half of it!

Until Then…Eat it.


Brandon Melendez

Media Director

Eat Your Serial, Inc.


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