Introducing…Eat Pluribus Unum and Fat Lee Adama

Dear Flakes,

Here I am again to make an announcement of great new feature content coming your way on the Toast. It is our mission to provide you with consistently varied subjects with a high level of quality content that cannot be matched. Our features this weekend are no different, and our writers have an interesting dynamic about them—one is at the end of his PhD study while the other is at the beginning of her’s. Don’t be alarmed however, their styles are not dry or disconnected. Both Elizabeth Schmermund’s Eat Pluribus Unum and Danny Bessner’s Fat Lee Adama: A Literature Review have unique voices, distinct opinions, and make for wonderfully interesting reads. Here’s a little more about them.

Fat Lee Adama: A Literature Review- Fat Lee Adama

Fat Lee Adama is a book review column that has an odd balance of irreverence and academic rigor that could only come from the mind and pen of Fat Lee Adama himself. The column is rife with ribs on pop culture, and pokes fun at mainstream institutions and conventions (as well as himself). His writing is equally intelligent and thoughtful about the books and topics being discussed. FLA provides reviews about both series and individual works from a wide selection of genres and areas of study—from science fiction to arcane historical studies. Fat Lee Adama will introduce you to texts you might have read, texts you know you didn’t read, and texts you didn’t know you didn’t read while providing a particular intellectual pique of curiosity that is bound to fill your “Must Read List” with selections from every section of the library.

Eat Pluribus Unum: Multiculturalism in Literature- Elizabeth Schmermund

Eat Pluribus Unum is an overview of the trends and directions of multiple works of fiction. Its author, Elizabeth Schmermund, has devoted her life to studying the development of multicultural themes, ideas, and characters in Western and American fiction, as well as the works of foreign fiction and literature (specifically but not limited to French, Arab, and Muslim cultures). The comparative study of these works is part of her ongoing PhD study and serves as a sounding board for her opinions, convictions, and misunderstandings, while simultaneously reflecting the learning opportunities available through the wondrous world surrounding reading and writing. Through art we can bridge the gaps and come to learn new things about the human family and Eat Pluribus Unum strives to provide you with avenues towards this goal.

So, there ya have it. That’s our second set of weekend Feature Content coming your way from The Toast at Eat Your Serial’s. Do you think that’s it? Nah, not even close! We’ve got more new things coming every week this month, and let’s not forget our regular daily content! Keep your eyes open as we make more announcements!

Until then…Eat it!

Brandon Melendez

Media Director

Eat Your Serial, Inc.


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