Introducing…What I’m Eating, Minch’s Pop Tarts, and App’n Crunch

Dear Flakes,

It’s another weekend in May and you know what that means: another round of brand new feature content coming your way! This week we’ve got a little something special up our sleeve because we’re providing three new columns for your enjoyment. That’s right. We told you we had more surprises and here they are! Without further ado…

What I’m Eating- Shawn Abraham

The President and Chief of Eat Your Serial gets his typing hands dirty in this monthly column that is best described as a guide to delicious serials. Abraham will provide you with a guide to all the different kinds of serial he’s been consuming across multiple media platforms—and the suggestions are always fantastic. Whether the serials are comic books, novels, movies, television, or any other kind of serialized storytelling you better bet that Shawn Abraham is gonna steer you in the right direction and tell you just what you should be eating—and not to worry he’s tasted it first, so he knows it isn’t poisonous.


Minch’s Pop Tarts- Mike Minch

Minch’s Pop Tarts as brought to you by Mike Minch is a blog that is hard to define as anything other than a hilarious whirlwind attack on the world of popular culture. Drawing from his years of experience working in the movie theatre business, and more years of experience being attacked by popular culture Mike Minch is ready to lash back and tell the stars and content creators what-for. Never dull, and never without a sharp comment Mike Minch is sure to take a bite out pop culture in Minch’s Pop Tarts. Celebrities beware, starting this Sunday.

App’n Crunch- Cassidy Havens

In our first monthly Monday column Cassidy Havens will be introducing you to the world of Apps and technology. Each month Ms. Havens will be bringing you the best, brightest, and most useful apps for your mobile devices with thorough analysis of their use, humor at the application, and strong suggestions as to whether or not they are worth your bandwidth or money. Cassidy has mobile devices and she’s not afraid to use them for your benefit. Be still your beating hearts—if the app is bad she’s just as ready to slay it as she is ready to hail the great ones. Make sure to stick around come Monday for App’n Crunch.

Well that’s it for now, but just you watch our because we’ve got more new feature content coming your way every day and new monthly columns every weekend and Monday for the rest of the month. The new Toast is here, but we haven’t all arrived yet. Don’t worry, we’ve got a thousand courses ready for your consumption. Until then…

Eat it.



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