Introducing…Kinemortephobia, From Pillar to Post, and Inventing Through Inventing

Dear Flakes,

Well, we’ve made it. This weekend marks the end of our debuts of brand-spanking new weekend Feature Content for a while. Notice all the qualifiers in there? Weekend Feature content. We’ve still got some stuff up our sleeves, only now it’ll be coming to you during the week! But more about that later. Since it’s a three-day weekend and all, we’ve got three brand new features lined up for ya, and boy are they sure to please!  So without further ado…

Kinemortephobia- Katie Sperduti

Yes! Our very own Staff Writer, Katie Sperduti, whom you’ve all come to know and love will be offering you even more to know and love in her monthly column “Kinemortephobia”. For those of you who cannot break down this super awesome word to its meaning by its ancient linguistic roots (don’t worry we couldn’t either) it means fear of the moving dead. Yup. Katie is going to bring you a column dedicated entirely to zombies week after week, because she loves to feat the moving dead. Appropriate to that, her first set of features are going to focus on the similarities and differences between Walking Dead the comic book and Walking Dead the TV show. There’s aplenty of aboth!


From Pillar to Post: Wrestling the E-Z-E Way- Ezenwa Anyanwu

From Pillar to Post is a monthly column dedicated to exploring and explaining the world of Professional Wrestling. Yes, some of you may not give Pro Wrestling the respect it deserves but did you know that Monday Night Raw is the longest running episodic television show in history as it is nearing its 1000th episode? This country, and the world, has a long tradition of following the stories of the squared circle and Ezenwa has been doing so his entire life. Come along as he explains, not just the WWE or TNA, which are companies most of you probably know, but as he takes you on an exploration of the companies you should know, and that you didn’t know that you should know but what to know all about! E-Z-E is the man to guide you through your education of the ring as his column will take you all around the world from the US, Mexico, Japan, and beyond!


Inventing Through Venting- Marc Polite

Now, many of you may know Marc Polite as the 2011 National Black Press-All Star Award winning blogger and voice behind the “Polite on Society” blog—we certainly do—but what you may not know is that this massive political intellect is also a huge video game, sci-fi, and film head.  We are excited to announce that he will be bringing his talents to Eat Your Serial in a new monthly column called Inventing Through Venting where he will bring all those surprising interests and knowledge to the table. Marc is going to lay it out on what we’ve been expecting from the future through science fiction and what we haven’t gotten, what movies are winning his thoughts or losing his respect, and what games are worth your time. Is it that one dimensional?  Of course not! Marc’s knowledge base is so deep that you’re gonna get to the end of his posts with an education from his venting. How have science fiction, games, and movies affected our culture—or not affected it? Let Marc tell you!


And there ya have it folks! Now, if you think that’s all we’ve got you are so so so so so so so so so so so so wrong! But by the end of this weekend you’ll have experience all our currently slated weekend content. Does that mean we don’t have something else up our sleeve? Hell no. Check back next time. We’ve got something else for ya!

Until then….eat it.



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