Introducing…Science at Odds

Dear Flakes,

Looks like we made it! Yup, we made it through the month of May, and the new Toast. We have been thrilled to give you quality daily and feature content all month long. Heading into June you can expect the same amount of quality reading from our beloved Bullpen, and many more! You didn’t think we’d let June come in without giving you a new column to look forward to, did you? Of course not! Starting this Monday:

Science at Odds- Jon Weiss

Jon Weiss has always been a scientist in his heart, and he’s also been a science fiction fan. Sometimes science and science fiction find themselves at odds with each other, and sure enough, this scientist and fan is going to reconcile the two for you. Come back month after month to read Science at Odds by Jon Weiss as he breaks down the common misconceptions purported by fiction, and casts the light of reality and current science thought on the matters. It’s guaranteed to be an enlightening read that’ll show you exactly how much science is actually in your science fiction.


Let not your heart be troubled, Dear Flakes, we’ll be drumming up new stuff all the time to fill your minds with new content. On the horizon we’re still looking for more web comics content, and we’ve still got open slots for monthly and weekly features. Do we have some stuff queuing up for you? You betcha! So, you’ll just have to check back every so often to see what we’ve got for you. Until then, you can check in daily for the newest columns and posts. This weekend touts Child’s Play, by Brandon Melendez, and Four Color Fiend, by that devilish Editorial Director, Nick Newert. Don’t miss ‘em!

Until next time…EAT IT!



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