Introducing…Return to Bayside and Approved for All Audiences

Dearest Flakes,

While I regret to inform you that Fat Lee Adama had to suspend his column in order to serve a surprise tour of duty at the front line of the Cylon War (and we wish him well and thank him for his service to the Colonies!), I am proud to introduce to you a column and a writer that are sure to entertain you and bring you back to a warm and cozy place in your heart…

Return to Bayside- Michael Samuels

Yes! The 90s are back, and they start in the 80s. Michael Samuels brings you this hilarious retrospective on the Saved by the Bell mythos from start to finish. Relive your childhood in awe of the Bayside Bunch and their antics in that majestically legendary land of fiction called “Los Angeles”. Of course, being a through historian, Samuels starts at the not so secret origin of the show on the Disney Channel. Come back every month as Return to Bayside takes a good view–in an incredibly irreverent and methodically insane manner–at one of our favorite series: Saved by the Bell.


Approved for All Audiences- John Price

Yes, Eat Your Serial is coming through again with more of the best pop culture coverage anywhere. In Approved for All Audiences, John Price is going to bring to you the best reviews of movies the interwebs has to offer. John has an incredible wealth of knowledge in the realm of cinema. His column is intelligent and entertaining and tackles movies from the perspective of a man who has a true and deep love for the medium. It doesn’t matter the genre, it doesn’t matter the director, or the players, if its good–or if its bad–John Price is going to let you know whether or not a movie has been…Approved for All Audiences.

That’s it for new columns and runs for right now, but no worries…we’ve got more surprises and tricks up our sleeves coming in the future. Until then…

Eat it, dudes.


Brandon Melendez

Media Director

Eat Your Serial, Inc.



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