“Letters to M,” A Love Story We Can All Relate To

If you thought it was romantic when Lloyd Dobbler stood outside the window of the girl he loved with a boombox over his head playing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” then you’re a complete sap with unrealistic standards of romance (I am completely guilty of this). If you’re looking for a more realistic version of romance, then look no further than “Letters to M” by Eat Your Serial’s own, Peter M. Love

“Letters to M” is a collection of letters written by a young English man, Martin Applegate, who has fallen in love with a classmate. Sounds like a familiar scenario right? Maybe it has even happened to you. It’s the “it could happen to you” realism that makes this story so great. I enjoyed the fact that Martin never delivers the letter to his unrequited love “M”, he writes his a notebook in a conversational, witty and sometimes even hilarious voice.  Remember when adults said if someone was picking on you on the playground then that it is possible that bully might actually have a crush on you? Martin actually insults “M” in one of his letters (but it’s worth noting that he does it in the most polite way possible). “I do, however, suspect I am a shade more intelligent then you (if I may)…” Smooth move, buddy. Perhaps a compliment would work more in your favor.

I also really enjoyed Martin telling “M” off in one letter, then writing another letter shortly after where he is telling her that he’s not giving her any attention while en route to a class field trip. Did you ever think of submitting a resume to a potential partner? Martin did. I wonder what “M” would think of it if she ever saw it.

Even though the point of the story is basically looking into Martin’s journal of love letters, I found myself looking for a response to his letters, even though I knew they were not going to come. Although listening to Martin ramble on about anything and everything is interesting (perhaps because he’s nervous and trying very hard to win her over), it would be nice to have a second point of view in the story.

Will our love-struck Martin ever get the nerve to bequeath the notebook of love letters to “M”? Will we ever find out who “M” is? Does Martin win the girl? The only way to really find out is to read the story. “Letters to M” is a light and pleasant story filled with laughs and struggles for acceptance by a love that does not even know Martin exists. Love stories are so complicated nowadays (humans falling in love with vampires? UNHEARD OF), so it’s refreshing to read a story about something that probably happened to all readers when they were younger, especially with a character that the reader can relate to, invest in and grow to care about throughout.



Written by:

Katie Sperduti


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