Book Review: Mister Mercury by Giando Sigurani

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width=”209″ height=”300″ />With the ever growing popularity of movies using mythical gods as their star characters, it’s no surprise that an author would use these same characters, but give them a bit of a modern twist. Eat Your Serial’s own Giando Sigurani , author of Mister Mercury: A Modern Myth did an excellent job of teaching an old dog how to do new tricks. Mixing the old with new, Sigurani successfully writes a thrilling tale of betrayal, mischief, and action.
In this story, the protagonist is Hermes, the trickster god of thieves(as Siguarni describes him) who spends his days “delivering messages across empires, escorting the dead to the underworld, and slaying monsters that even nightmares find off-putting.” After speaking with banished Titan Prometheus, Hermes learns that his life, and the lives of the gods, are about to change forever. “Tomorrow you and the rest of the gods will meet a woman, a mortal, and her child will change the whole world.” A vague and scary prophecy that Hermes decides to shake off.
After a long night of drinking at a feast, Hermes discovers that the grim prophecy has come true, and it is up to him to look over the mortal that is involved. Yes, I realize I’m being very vague, but once I give away the mortal’s name, it pretty much spoils it. Along with mythology, it has Christianity references to this story, which I think made it that much more interesting. Hermes’ father, Zeus, has given him an important mission that he cannot fail. No pressure, Hermes. No big deal.
Hermes mission goes less than spectacularly, and he faces a punishment from Zeus: exile. Someone else close to Zeus is also exiled from Mount Olympus before Hermes receives his punishment(you’ll be surprised when you read who it is).
What will come of Hermes after 2,000 years in exile? What will happen to Mt. Olympus without their best messenger? How has this prophecy affected not only the gods, but the mortals as well? Two thousand years is a long time, a lot can change.
When Hermes emerges from his exile, he finds that the world is not as he once knew it. Where is Mt. Olympus? Will Hermes ever adapt to his new surroundings? And what of Zeus and the rest of the gods? If you’re on the edge of your seat, wondering when I’m going to give you the answer to all these questions, you’ll be waiting a while. You’ll have to read Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth and discover the answers on your own.



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