Six Random Questions With Peter M. Love

1. What do you want your audience to know about you and your background?

I’m still trying to overcompensate for a fraternal loss in the South Lough Young Boys’ elocution enunci-a-thon in the late seventies. Despite a strong competitive streak

beat into me by a substandard British boarding school, it never led to any success, just a deep sense of inadequacy.

2. Why should readers check out your serial instead of watching videos of cute cats on YouTube?
My serial is broadly allergy-free.
3. You’re on a deserted island: what three books to you bring with you to read over and over again, and why?
American Psycho, Molesworth and The Count of Monte Cristo. Something for every mood, a bit of anger, humour and excitement.
4. What inspires you as a writer?
Usually something immediate; my influences change rather quickly depending on what I have experienced recently. Usually someone else’s life affirming tale that makes me feel like everything is OK. I need positive confirmation like that.
5. Lets take a quick hop into the Official Eat Your Serial Time Machine. What advice would you offer to 9-year-old you?
Stop saying sorry you snivelling prune!
6. And we have to ask: What’s your favorite cereal?
Fruit and fibre.

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