INTRODUCING: Foxglove Hearts

Something that has been missing from Eat Your Serial the past several months has been fiction. While we’ve had reviews of many different works of fiction, in addition to our reviews of music, culture and so much more, we’ve had no new works of fictio

n online for you, our adoring (you adore us, right?) public.

While we put the final touches on the ebook formatting of our previous titles, we want to remedy this and wet your literary whistle. Thursdays will now be devoted to bringing you new serialized fiction. While we’ll still be running our rotating features throughout the week, you are now able to also follow a continuing tale every Thursday. Call it Throwback Thursday if you like; a call back to our original format of serialized fiction on a daily basis.

The first story that we’ll be visiting is Foxglove Hearts by Suzette Kramer. Foxglove Hearts follows Mallari and her sister Staci as they come to the thoroughbred breeding, racing, and show farm, Foxglove Acres. Over the next few months, come to know Mallari and Staci, much like they will come to know Foxglove Acres. Come back tomorrow for the first installment of Foxglove Hearts!


2 thoughts on “INTRODUCING: Foxglove Hearts

  1. I have read several of Suzette Kramer’s works and they are well put together and leaves you wanting more. She pulls the reader into the character’s world with scenarios we can all relate to in one way or another. She has you laughing and crying and pulling for the underdog. I am really looking forward to this series.

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