Fanboys Ruin Comment Function—Again.

Almost two months ago, I wrote a blog post about important rules to follow if you’re going to be watching a movie at the theater. It was my hope that that would be all I would ever feel compelled to write about the movie going public; that they would

somehow muster up some small modicum of civility in their behavior, preventing me from once again reaching the cusp of having a rage-induced stroke. Or at least the cusp of having a rage-induced stroke on movie audience matters. I…I tend to get angry pretty quick sometimes.

Sadly, it just wasn’t in the cards, because The Dark Knight Rises comes out this week and some reviewers dared not like it! Now, it’s not the reviewers that have made me angry, as I was not involved in the creation of Dark Knight Rises, and I lose nothing by them not liking it. What makes me angry is the sheer lack of civility with which fanboys are reacting to these negative reviews. It’s not even a lack of civility, but the mob mentality in which a number of these commenters are engaging in. I would suspect that almost none of them have yet to see the movie themselves, since, y’know, it hasn’t actually been released yet, but they feel that the reviewer who actually has seen the movie is not only wrong in their review of DKR, but that they are also probably a horrible human being and how dare they have a different taste in things than mine!?

Basically, fanboys are being assholes. You want proof? Rotten Tomatoes has felt it necessary to lecture the myriad of asshats who feel the need to deride and belittle critics who haven’t ejaculated over the movie on the subject of civility in a post titled “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.” Sadly, that wasn’t enough, as Rotten Tomatoes decided shortly thereafter that things had gotten so out of hand, commenting in Dark Knight Rises reviews had to be suspended for a few days.

I direct you to the post, linked here, written by Rotten Tomatoes’ Editor in Chief, Matt Atchity, as it says pretty much everything I want to, but without devolving into the endless screaming and foaming at the mouth that would likely come with whatever I could manage to intelligently piece together on the subject.

And if any of you out there feel that attacking a movie critic over a negative review of a movie you have yet to see yourself is an ok thing to do, just realize that you’re an asshole.


2 thoughts on “Fanboys Ruin Comment Function—Again.

  1. Sigh. As a fanboy or fangirl, it’s important to understand that while YOU may love something to the point of obsession, other people may just…really, really not care, or even agree with you. Be smart and keep your opinions to yourself if other people don’t want to talk about your obsession. Different people have different interests. Be respectful of that.

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