The Toast | Carry Me Home

I cannot even begin to imagine how deployment must feel to our soldiers. Lonely, frustrating, terrifying and the ever looming feeling of uncertainty. Some questions that might run through their heads on a regular basis co

uld be; When will I go home? Will I make it home? What will my loved ones do if something happens? Carry me Home gave me an insight to the struggles and hardships a soldier constantly goes through. Throughout the story, I truly began to care about the protagonist and her journey to find her meaning and regain her life.

In Carry Me Home, by EYS’s own K.Syrah , we meet Sergeant Lorelei Edwards, a strong, empowered female and proud soldier who can wear a mini-skirt as well as a uniform. Her story is one of love, heartache, loss and strength as she goes through a life-changing experience after she is injured while on duty in Afghanistan.

Sergeant Edwards is an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician. In her words, “I handle anything that goes boom.” Her closest companion is Sergeant Benning Charles, who she describes as a “drunken club rat.” Edwards has mixed feelings for her friend, and while they maintain a steady flirtation that is obvious to everyone (including them), and have had sex, they have yet to define their relationship as anything more than a friendship.

One night at a nightclub, Edwards catches the eye of a friend of Charles Wilder, a Military Police officer, which couldn’t be more appropriate. When Wilder and Edwards gave into some of the tension between them, it was electric. She becomes torn between Charles and Wilder, until one day when everything in her life would change.

There was incredible loss after a cell-phone detonated IED exploded. The explosion left two survivors; Edwards and a fellow soldier who was in critical condition. Edwards’ injuries were minor. Mostly scrapes from flying debris, but she also suffered from a shredded knee after being cut by a 4-inch slice of metal. Charles took most of the worst of the explosion, seeing as he was sitting the closest to it. Before Sergeant Lorelai Edwards is medically discharged, she learns that her best friend, and maybe even someone she was in love with, died from his injuries.

During Charles’ funeral, she hears about all the love they had for him and apparently, how in love he was with her. It’s bittersweet, she feels it should have been her and not him. How is she suppose to continue living?

During the funeral, she sees a grieving man who gives her a knowing nod, perhaps for comfort for their shared loss. Once she meets this man, Casey, she realizes that she may not have known her friend nearly as well as she thought.

With everything familiar to her quickly falling apart, where is she suppose to turn when the only person she ever relied on is gone?

Carry Me Home is a heartfelt, realistic and gripping tale about loss, love and moving on. It was very easy to empathize with Lorelai Edwards and become invested in what happened next. This story will tug on your heartstrings and keep you captivated until the very end.


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