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>Renting movies in my household is damn near impossible. As you may or may not know, I am a huge horror movie fan. My fiancée, however, is not. In order to keep the peace, we’ve decided to take turns renting movies. These past couple weeks, as we’ve been moving into our new place, we haven’t had the chance to hook up cable or Internet. With the lack of entertainment, we’ve been renting a lot of Redbox movies and taking turns selecting the movie. Lockout was on the top of the list the other night.

Lockout takes place in the near future with ex-agent Snow (Guy Pearce) being accused of murdering a fellow agent and committing espionage against the country. He’s sentenced to life in a maximum facility, called M.S. One, located in space. The inmates are put into what’s called “suspended animation” while they are imprisoned in order to keep the peace. There have been many studies that say this stasis could cause psychopathic behavior and dementia. One of the individuals conducting a study on these inmates is the president’s daughter, Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace).

In order to gather evidence, the prison decides to wake up an inmate with a violent past, named Hydell (Joseph Gilgun), in order to allow Warnock to interview him. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong inmate to wake up. He ends up stealing a gun from a bodyguard and releases all the prisoners, including his brother, Alex (Vincent Regan), who assumes the role as the leader of the riot.

CIA agent Harry Shaw (Lennie James) nominates Snow to go into M.S. One to save the President’s daughter. As you can imagine, Snow is reluctant to help a government that has wrongly accused him of his supposed crime. So, how do they get him into space? Shaw tells him that his partner, Mace (Tim Plester), is a prisoner on board and if Shaw agrees to help, he can get Mace to help him prove his innocence.

There are a few reasons I enjoyed this movie. First reason: Guy Pearce. Not for the reason you may think (okay, not JUST for the reason you think), but because his character is a sarcastic jerk, which just makes him more enjoyable. Some of the best comedic lines of the movie come from Snow, which kind of make up for the fact that you can only understand every other word from Hydell and Alex (they have thick accents).

This wasn’t a typical action movie either. While Maggie Grace’s character is pretty helpless to start, when Snow comes to rescue her, he doesn’t make it easy. She has to step up and assist in her own rescue. She also plays a key role later on in the movie with Snow’s espionage case. The film doesn’t end in a sappy “happily ever after” fashion, which also won me over.

Lockout had an interesting plot, great actors and an entertaining script. While you may not be a huge action fan, you can appreciate the humor, not just in Snow’s character, but also in the relationship between him and Emilie Warnock. If you’re looking for a movie that will make everyone in the household happy, this is the movie to look into.


2 thoughts on “The Toast | “Lockout”

  1. Awesome review; I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie! I’ve heard the humor is awesome, especially coming from Pearce; I’m having a hard time understanding why this film is getting such a hard time from so many critics? I have always been a fan of Guy Pearce’s work, especially since he loves to take on the more bizarre roles. When I first heard about this film from a co-worker at Dish, it was the idea of seeing Pearce again that really got me excited, although I could do without Maggie Grace. Since I have a wicked travel schedule, I love using my Dish Online when I’m away, since my laptop is my constant travel buddy. Being a fan of Pearce, I can’t see a problem hanging out with him when I’m away from home and need a distraction; he’s so muscular in this film, beautiful.

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