The Toast | First Dance

I’m getting married in about nine months and, so far, planning has been a breeze. We’ve got the ceremony and reception venue, the DJ, the caterer, the dress, the bridal party has been selected, the father-daughter dance song has been picked, and oh,

the groom. Done, Right? WRONG! More difficult than any other task of planning this wedding has been selecting the music for the first dance.

I am a music lover, through and through, and a self-admitted sappy romantic who is a sucker for a good love song. So, I didn’t think this would be a tough choice in the least bit. Three months after I began looking for the song, I am still in search of the perfect song, and open for some suggestions… but that might have been where I went wrong, yet again.

My mom has been extremely helpful to me in every step of planning, until now. Here’s a tip for all my fellow brides (or anyone who plans to get married in the future): do NOT ask your mother to listen to the song choices you have selected, especially if your musical tastes are polar opposites. Before the first line of the song “Til Kingdom Come,” by Coldplay, could even finish, she had shot it down. “He sounds off key!” she complained. “NO ONE WILL BE LISTENING TO THE WORDS!” And my favorite of the complaint about the song, “IT’S TOO LONG” (we didn’t even listen to the whole song).

My fiancé has not been much help either. While he is more open to listening to a lot of different things (I have some weird taste in music and I made him listen to some real interesting ones), he has been mostly passive about our music choice. “Whatever you want,” he says with a smile. Most girls would take full advantage of this, but it has sent me into full-blown panic mode. I have managed to get him to narrow down his top two choices, but that wasn’t easy.
What other steps have I taken to narrow down my choices? I’ve created two separate Pandora stations, which I have been listening to non-stop, done research online and even asked the DJ what popular first dance song choices were.

This past weekend, Kyle and I went to a friend’s wedding, and as I watched them dance their first dance, I noticed that no one, including the bride and groom, seemed to be paying any attention to the music in the background. Everyone was focused on the couple and how happy and in love they looked on their special day. Then it finally hit me, I need to chill out about this.

My huge thing has been trying not to pick a typical, cliché first dance song, because that’s not the way I want my wedding. However, I never took into consideration that, perhaps, no one really WILL be listening, including myself. Maybe the moment will be so beautiful and intense, that I won’t even care about the song.

So for now, I’ll continue my Pandora listening, (maybe I’ll hear something great), but I’m not going to stress so much about a song that I probably won’t even hear during the dance or remember 50 years from now. And besides, at least I have the father-daughter song picked, right?


4 thoughts on “The Toast | First Dance

    •  @KatieSperduti A couple of burritos, and I’ll have Kyle convinced. He’s a reasonable man who appreciates Batman; he and I can come to an agreement.

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