The Toast | The Mechanism

The Mechanism, by Ryan Loukat, tells the story about Leiza Clearwater. After a very long and bad day at work, she comes home to find a man sleeping in a chair her front room. This is not that abnormal, except that she lives alone with her so

n. The mysterious man who has broken into her house turns out to be her ex-husband, Holn.

Holn tells his angry ex that he simply wanted to see their son, Sam. Holn asks if he can wait for their son to wake up. She agrees to let him, but tells him that he has to wait outside. She will soon regret her decision to let him stay. The next day, as she’s getting ready to start her day, she goes to wake up Sam and finds him missing. Immediately assuming her ex has something to do with this, she snaps into action and begins the search for her son.

While searching, she runs into a mysterious stranger who says that he can help her in her quest, for a price. This shady man turns out to be bounty hunter named Red Drem. She is hesitant at first to accept his help, but when he says he knows where Holn and Sam are, she can’t refuse.

Drem leads them to a train station and onto a train of Troads. The two of them do not have money for this train, and Troads are not so fond of stowaways, but the two somehow manage to sneak their way through the cars when suddenly, Leiza and Drem have an unwelcome reunion with Leiza’s Uncle Hector.

Hector is not too high up on Leiza’s list, mostly because she blames him for Holn’s initial abandonment because he offered Holn a job that he could not refuse. She is weary of Hector’s reasoning for being on that train (Holn supposedly abandoned his job with Hector and now he’s looking for his AWOL employee). Little does Leiza know, she’s about to hav an un-welcomed reunion with her ex.

Holn manages to catch up to Drem and Leiza and tells them to stop following him while keeping them at gunpoint. To add fuel to the fire, Hector shows up to the party with a gun of his own. Suddenly, Leiza sees Sam in the background and manages to the maneuver the weapons from the men and gain control. Or so she thinks.

The whole group is startled by a huge krax. What is a krax you ask? It is a rather large and scary crocodile, but this isn’t your ordinary croc. To start, he can walk on two feet. He also has a bomb. This may be the last time Leiza will ever see her son. Or is it?

This story is jam packed with action, fantasy and drama. So what if monsters aren’t real, it’s fun getting wrapped up in a story that’s full of them. This is not typically a genre I would usually read, but I was pleasantly surprised after stepping out of my comfort zone. Looking to step out of yours? Look no further than Ryan Loukat’s fantasy world of The Mechanism.


Read it here for yourself!


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