The Toast | Lana Del Ray

After the failed Saturday Night Live Performance, it seemed Lana Del Ray had a permanent black mark on her record. I thought the performance was awful, as did millions of other viewers, and I essentially ignored her until recently. I’ve had many peop

le tell me to give her a shot, and that her album is very good and that one performance didn’t do her music any justice. Finally, I decided to give it a shot.

The songs that were performed on SNL were “Blue Jeans” and “Video Games.” This was her TV debut in America and there was a lot of anticipation for her performance. Some liked it, but many hated it. As I stated before, I was one of those who changed the channel.

As far as the actual songs on the albums, she sounds just as unenthusiastic and dreary as she did on stage. There’s absolutely no denying she has a beautiful and unique voice, but it just feels like she isn’t really trying.

“Blue Jeans” simple guitar intro reminds me a bit of Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang (My baby shot me down),” but that’s where the similarities end. One thing that really bothered me about the song was some random guy screaming something intelligible screaming in the background. I found it very distracting. Besides that, I actually liked the song.

“Video Games” is a very simple track. For being a love song, she doesn’t sound like she’s really trying to win her lover over. She sounds sleepy and bored, but, at the same time, she sounds beautiful.

One song that really won me over was “Off to the Races, Del Ray actually sounds awake and ready for action. This is definitely a song about seduction. “ God I’m so crazy, baby I’m sorry that I’m misbehaving I’m your little harlot, starlet…” I also enjoyed that the music actually picks up. This song grabs you from the start with her sultry voice telling you about how she desires her “bad man.”

Most of her music is very soft and mellow and, at least for me, made me just as sleepy as it sounds. I would love to give you a definite “I hate this” or “I love this” about this album, but I honestly can’t. I absolutely hated her performance on SNL, but this album, while boring at points, is not that bad. I’ve listened to this multiple times in order to develop some sort of opinion for it, yet I’m still hopelessly deadlocked.

Lana Del Ray is trying to channel the glamour of old Hollywood while putting her own modern spin to her music. Is it working? I’m torn. Sometimes I really enjoy it, other times I’m bored. What I can say about her is that she is fearless enough to experiment with a lot of different sounds and completely unapologetic about it. She has a beautiful voice, but as a young artist, I’m not sure she has fully found her sound or her niche. The album is of a preferred taste; give it a shot if you’re feeling daring.


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