The Toast | Lost Hope

Imagine a situation where the Earth is on it’s final days (for once, I am not talking about the zombie apocalypse) and your family is scrambling to get to safety. What choices would you make if you and your family were in this very predicament? The s

tory “Lost Hope,” by Christopher Schule and E.P. Grenier, uses this situation to tell a suspenseful story that could almost be true.

Alex Gonzalez is a seemingly normal teenager. He went to school, played on his school’s soccer team and got in trouble like any other kid his age. Alex is running late and is dangerously close to breaking the family’s only rule (for the second time this week): don’t be late for dinner.

When he arrives home, he finds his parents very calm and collected. Like any teenager, he immediately assumes this must be the calm before the storm, but what he hears next is something he never saw coming.

With a blink of an eye, Alex is on a space shuttle and heading to Omnis Space Station. His parents gave him a very vague explanation as to why he had to leave but did mention that he had been given a “great opportunity and by this time tomorrow, you will be in a much safer place.” He is handed an envelope with the “HOPE” seal on it.

The story also follows a character named Cameron Steele, who is a graduate from the Academy and was assigned to go to Omnis Space Station to help Save Earth. Being a new graduate, he had no experience in the real world and, like most new graduates entering the “work force,” he was terrified and determined to prove himself worthy of the assignment.

Meanwhile, Alex works as a cook with another teen his age, Mark. It is uncertain why they’re in the Omnis Space Station, so they decide to try to sneak out and explore to find some answers. A guard tells them that once everyone is accounted for, everyone will be given more information as to why they are all there.

General Williams, the commander of HOPE, which stands for Human Organization for Planet Earth, calls a meeting a few days later and finally informs everyone of what is happening. He says, “We are about to embark on an historic journey to save mankind. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the danger our planet, Earth, is in. What most of you don’t know is how imminent this danger is. The best scientists in the world have determined that Earth has only another five years before it can no longer support life.”

The General also goes on to say that these individuals were selected carefully to join a mission to save the human race on another planet and, basically, everyone left behind on Earth is to fend for themselves. This part of the story really struck me. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to leave all my loved ones behind to die while knowing I get to live.

This story hit pretty close to home. There was a part of the book that said we are responsible for the destruction of Earth. It makes me wonder if this could really happen to us due to pollution or global warming. To be fully honest, I am not fully educated on the effects that global warming may be having on our planet (not beyond what I read in articles and see on the news), and reading this story, reading that the HOPE organization fully recognizes that it is the human race’s fault for the destruction of Earth, really gave me chills.

What happens to Cameron, Alex and the rest of lucky few chosen to save the human race? You’ll have to read “Lost Hope” to find out and to decide how you feel about the odds of this becoming reality and not simply fiction.



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