The Toast | The Lorax

Don’t deny it, I know I’m not the only adult who gets excited over animated movies! Every time I see a new animated movie, my inner child celebrates. The Lorax was cause for an even bigger celebration. Not only was it one of my favorite book

s as a child, but now, it has also been made into a movie! I must admit, I saw it when it came out in theaters, but I couldn’t resist watching again.

Don’t let the animation and Dr. Seuss storyline fool you, this movie is great for all ages, with a cast that includes Danny Devito (The Lorax), Ed Helms (The Once-ler), Zac Efron (Ted), Taylor Swift (Audrey), and America’s sweetheart, Betty White (Grammy Norma).

If you are unfamiliar with the story, let me catch you up to speed. Thneedville is a city that is completely artificial, besides its residents. Walls surround the town and no one is allowed to leave. Ted is in love with local girl Audrey, whose one wish is to see a real tree. He learns from his Grammy Norma, who has some of the best lines in the movie, that if he wants to find a real tree he has to talk to The Once-ler.

In order to get to the mysterious Once-ler, Ted must sneak out of the heavily guarded city. When he finally gets out, he finds a deserted wasteland, along with the city’s trash. He looks confused and in awe of what he’s seeing. He eventually finds and follows a path to the Once-ler’s home. After much begging, Ted gets the Once-ler to talk about the trees. He tells Ted the story of why there are no more real trees (and why he lives isolated outside of the city limits).

The basics of his story are that he came from a family that had no faith in him, so he left home to make it on his own with his invention that he called a “Thneed.” In order to make this product, he had to find the perfect material, which happened to be in the land of the Truffula trees. It was a beautiful, colorful place with lots of animals like the barbaloots, swammy swans, and the humming fish. Life was good for the Once-ler, until the the Lorax showed up.

Who is the Lorax? HE IS THE GUARDIAN OF THE FOREST! HE SPEAKS FOR THE TREES! He tells the young entrepreneur to stop cutting down the trees and leave the forest. The Once-ler doesn’t listen and continues to cut down trees to make his Thneeds. Unfortunately, no one gives his product a second look until he gives up and throws it away. Business starts booming and more trees must be cut down to produce more Thneeds.

The Once-ler’s greedy family comes back to mooch off of him and take part in the business, but once the last tree is cut down, they all disappear, along with the Lorax, and the rest of the animals, leaving the Once-ler all by himself.

Is there a happy ending to this story? Does Ted get the girl and does the city of Thneedville ever get to see a real tree? Do yourself a favor and rent the movie. Even if you have no children in the house, it’s a film for all to enjoy.


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