The Toast | What to Expect When You’re Expecting

I was in the mood for something light this past weekend, which is a rare occasion for me. When I did my almost weekly visit to Redbox, I found What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Yes, it is based of the book, and based off of that knowled

ge alone I was curious. The book, from what I know, is full of helpful hints and tips to help new mothers throughout their pregnancies. How are they going to make a “How To” book (essentially) into an enjoyable movie? I’ll tell you how.

The movie really didn’t have a whole lot to do with providing advice, but rather putting the actors and actresses in scenarios that may or may not be in the book (and that expecting parents may or may not go through). Now, I have never read the book myself, so I’m not sure if any of these scenarios are actually in the book, but they seemed realistic enough to me. The movie features the good, the bad, and the ugly of pregnancies in a both humorous and humanizing way.

The story begins with the characters watching a celebrity dance competition show (much like “Dancing with the Stars”) that features TV fitness guru Jules (Cameron Diaz), who I imagine is based off of Jillian Michaels. She and her partner Evan are seen dancing in their final performance before the winner is named. Jules mentions before that she is not feeling well, but chalks it up to nerves. Surprise! They find out after an embarrassing win (Jules throws up in the trophy), that the couple is expecting their first child.

Meanwhile, baby expert, and baby crazy, Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) and her husband, Gary (Ben Falcone) have been trying to have a baby for years when they finally discover that they, too, are expecting. Over the moon with this news, they go to tell Gary’s father Ramsey (Dennis Quaid) who is a former racer and acts a lot like Ricky Bobby. It happens that he has some news of his own, he’s also expecting a new child with his much younger wife, Skyler (Brooklyn Decker).

It’s not all happy “we’re expecting” news in this movie. Photographer Holly (Jennifer Lopez) and her husband Alex (Rodrigo Santoro) are on an adoption list, due to their inability to get pregnant. Rival food truck owners, Rosie (Anna Kendrick) and Marco (Chace Crawford) are expecting their first child before even going on a first date.

The most humorous parts of this movie has to do with the group of dads who go for weekly walks, and much like Fight Club, “We don’t talk about walking.” Chris Rock is a hilarious father with a spastic child who almost steals the whole movie. Man Candy Joe Manganiello also makes an appearance in the movie, and the highlight of his cameos? He’s pretty much shirtless the whole time.

These couples deal with all aspects of pregnancies. Ultrasounds, hormone changes, loss of pregnancies, labor complications and even the ups and downs of adoption (Does the agency like us? Are we ready? Do we have a good home?) All in all, it was a feel good movie that left me wondering… “Should I REALLY expect that… when expecting?”


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