The Toast | Push and Shove

It has been a long wait for No Doubt fans, but the band finally released a new album today called Push and Shove. Is the album worth the 11-year wait? Can No Doubt still perform as well in later in life as they did in their prime?

<a h

ref=”; rel=”attachment wp-att-3902″>The lead single off the album is called “Settle Down” and for me, it took a few listens to really get into it. While this song sounds like classic No Doubt, it didn’t strike me as anything spectacular, but it sure did force its way into my brain and definitely grew on me with some time. It’s a six-minute blend of pure infectious pop and ska music. It’s a pretty bold move for a band in with members all in their 40s to continue playing pop music, but somehow No Doubt manages to make it work, at least in the case of this song.

“One More Summer,” a song you might recognize from the Target commercial, is in my opinion one of the best tracks of the album. This electronic love song has some serious 80s vibes to it and though Gwen Stefani is happily married to Bush front man, Gavin Rossdale, the song is about a lost love that you just can’t quite get over or forget; “In between the longest days And the shortest nights It always comes back to you and me.” One of my favorite things about this band has always been Stefani’s voice. Perhaps she’s not a powerhouse ballad singer like Adele or the late Whitney Houston, but you could always feel the emotion in her voice, whether that is the pain or joy.

Speaking of Gwen’s voice, she’s sounding the best she has in years. I imagine after 20+ years of singing, it must do a number of your vocal chords. This is especially evident in the song “Easy.” The last minute is composed of her singing “I’m gonna be there” repeatedly, and I haven’t heard her sound this fresh and gutsy since Tragic Kingdom.

If you were looking for a love song much like their hit “Underneath it All,” look no further than “Gravity.” This love song is so sugarcoated and sweet that it’ll give you a tooth ache. “We’re so lucky we’re still holding on,” this song is without a doubt (no pun intended) a love letter to Stefani’s husband.

While No Doubt has not written any truly profound lyrics (the only argument I have against this statement would be “Don’t Speak” (Tragic Kingdom) or “Magic’s in the Makeup”(Return of Saturn)), but that’s not the reason fans love this band so much. Throughout the years, they’ve experimented with new music, done solo projects and always stayed true to their fun, upbeat California rock roots. Is this their best album? No, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a solid and strong album. The album is a fun, nostalgic throwback to classic No Doubt. While it isn’t as epic as Tragic Kingdom, it’s still worth a listen, whether you’re a hardcore No Doubt fan or a first time listener.


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