The Toast | Foxglove Hearts Reviewed

This is not a normal review that I usually do about the EYS authors and their stories. Why is this one different? This story is not fully finished yet. I have been getting wrapped up in this story and look forward to every new chapter, and th

is week’s “review” gives my reasons of why you should also be looking forward to every chapter of “Foxglove Hearts” by Suzette Kramer.

Most girls went through a horse phase while growing up. I know a lot of the girls I grew up with rode horses and were pretty much obsessed. That bug never seemed to bite me, but there was something about “Foxglove Hearts,” which has a heavy equine theme, that really interested me.

The story begins with a young woman named Mallari Jones, who has just finished up her master’s degree, receiving a phone call in the middle of the night. In most cases, a phone call that wakes you up in the middle of the night is never good news and this call is no different.

The caller lets Mallari know that her parents have been in a horrible car accident. When Mallari arrives to the hospital, the nurse is only mentioning the condition her mother is in, but nothing about her father. I don’t want to spoil the story too much, but the fate of Mallari’s parents is not so good.

After a long struggle to keep her family’s farm afloat and to keep her family together, Mallari had to make the tough decision to sell her beloved White Cove Farms. With her sister, Staci, leaving for college in Mid-August, and the farm barely making it by, she knew she couldn’t handle running the place on her own any longer. After selling, Mallari found a new job and a new home at the prestigious Foxglove Acres.

The Monarque’s, the owners of Foxglove, were very generous to allow Staci to stay with Mallari until she left for school. What they didn’t expect when they arrived was Bryce Monarque.  When the Jones girls arrive at his home, he is immediately attracted to Mallari. Unfortunately for him, Mallari has a boyfriend and he’s the boss’s son. Not to mention, he’s also a bit of a player.

Speaking of Mallari’s boyfriend, Chad, they have a bit of an odd relationship. They’ve never had any sort of physical contact besides cuddling and holding hands. They started as best friends and it turned into more. When Mallari started moving to her new home, Chad seemed to be working more out of town. After helping her sister move into her dorm, Mallari decides to stop by and pick up the sunglasses she left at Chad’s apartment.  It was also an excuse to see him. She was getting sick of the long distance relationship and the fact he wasn’t returning her phone calls didn’t help either. What she discovers that night at his apartment changes the relationship between the two.

After that night, Mallari begins to regain focus on her job, there was a lot going on at the farm that needed her attention. Now that Chad is out of the picture, is that going to change her relationship with Bryce?

I’m excited to see where the story is going to go from here. The only downside of this story is the equine jargon. If you’ve never had any experience with it, it can throw you off a little, but not so much to where the story is no longer enjoyable. If you haven’t started reading Foxglove Hearts, there’s no better time than now.


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