The Toast | The Haunted Man

October was a good month for music and with Bat for Lashes’ new album The Haunted Man, the streak continued. The last time I heard from Natasha Khan, the stunning voice behind Bat for Lashes, was on the soundtrack for Twilight: E

clipse with a haunting, but romantic collaboration with Beck entitled “Let’s get Lost.” My expectations were pretty high and I was not disappointed.

When I first started listening, a track caught my attention. “All your Gold” has enough similarities to remind you of Goyte’s hit “Somebody that I used to know,” but still enough originality to hold its own despite the similarities. I enjoyed the simplicity of the drums and the bass behind her voice and how it evolves into a larger sound with synthesizers in the background for the chorus.

The title track, “The Haunted Man,” is probably one of my favorite tracks on the whole album. When her voice does not have reverb heavily added to it, the raw and natural beauty of her voice takes center stage. I also enjoy the men’s chorus quietly coming in and growing louder as the song continues. The cat and mouse game within the song makes for a beautiful song and a strong ending.

The song “Marilyn” takes a weird twist, but weird in a good way. What I’ve always loved about Bat for Lashes is that she’s not afraid to make her music a little eccentric in order to keep it fresh and interesting. Near the end of the song, it’s a bunch of random voices in different pitches singing “yoohoo.” The dreamy sound reminds me a bit of Lana Del Rey, but she could never have the charisma of Khan.

I’ve noticed that with this album, there’s a pattern of the songs I prefer more than others. The simpler the song is (less reverb, more natural voice or little to no synth) the more I seem to favor it. “Laura” is perfect example of this. Once again, Natasha Khan is coming out from behind the reverb mask and revealing her pure, raw voice. What I like about her voice without the reverb is that it feels much more sensual and intimate. It’s much easier to decipher a feeling or emotion when you can clearly hear her voice.

The final and longest track on the album, “Deep Sea Diverm,” is the perfect end. The song is soft and soothing like a lullaby, but also builds a lot of tension throughout the song that finally breaks towards the end of the song.  This unconventional love song actually gave me the chills during the line “Baby if you can’t see out Know that I can hear your shouts.”

Though it’s not featured on the album, it’s definitely worth a mention. Bat for Lashes did an amazing cover of Rihanna’s hit “We Found Love.” It’s a completely new and different take on the song. For instance, the original song is very upbeat and up-tempo. Khan’s cover of it slows it way down and forgoes the Dj assistance that Rihanna had (Calvin Harris was featured on the original track).

If you’re looking for some new music, or even a different version of your favorite Rihanna song, Bat for Lashes may be right up your alley.



Written by: Katie Sperduti





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