The Toast | Magic Mike

Every now and then, I let someone else pick the movies on movie night. It is a rare occasion and most times, I’m disappointed in the movie (fine, I’ll just say it, I’m a control freak and a bit of a movie snob). I must say though, with this experien

ce, I’ve enjoyed a movie while being disappointed at the same time. It’s a conflicting feeling. What was the movie you ask? Magic Mike. Sorry guys, this review is for the ladies this week.

The story revolves around Mike (Channing Tatum) who seems to have it all; beautiful women, money, good looks, what more could a guy ask for? Apparently, he could ask for his own furniture design business. Besides stripping, he also works odd jobs to put money towards his dream. While working a construction job, he meets a kid named Adam (Alex Pettyfer) who lives with his uptight sister Brooke (Cody Horn). When the construction job doesn’t work out for Adam, Mike offers him a chance at a male strip club owned by Dallas (Matthew McConaughey).

This is where things start getting weird (and even gross sometimes). True Blood’s Joe Manganiello is featured in the movie as a stripped named Big Dick Richie. Classy right? He also has a scene with a penis pump. You don’t really see anything but the pump, but that was more than enough. I literally screamed in horror. However, that wasn’t the only frightening sight, there’s also a stripper they call Tarzan (Kevin Nash) and he’s not exactly gentle on the eyes. When Tarzan overdoses (or just gets too drunk, it wasn’t totally clear) they need someone to step in for him to dance. In comes Adam.

Clearly not experienced and scared, he hesitates before finally stripping. The rest of the movie is basically stripping, lots of drugs and booze and Mike falling for Adam’s sister. I’d like to say I found some part that the men would enjoy if the women in their lives made them watch it, but besides a few scenes with brief female nudity, I can’t think of much else. I also don’t see the appeal in Matthew McConaughey, who was half naked the whole movie. And if you were on the edge of your seat wondering if he gets on stage and dances, the answer is yes. My advice to you: skip that part.

I guess it was only fair to give the women Magic Mike after the men of the world were given Showgirls. And in that same sense, when you go to watch this movie, take it for what it is, gratuitous partial male nudity with zero plot line. I think the only thing that irritated me more than a half-naked McConaughey was the ending to this movie. Channing Tatum definitely shines in this movie. His character has the most depth (not a hard task) and unlike the other “dancers,” he can actually dance and showcases those moves… while taking off his clothes.

When I finally stopped being so critical and taking this movie so serious, I actually enjoyed parts of the movie. If you’re looking for a movie for a girl’s night in, you may have found a winner in Magic Mike.


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