Happy Thanksgiving From Eat Your Serial

We’ve got a lot to be happy about around here. First of all, we’re happy to be healthy and able to spe

nd time with our loved ones today. Secondly, we’re happy to be providing all of you with a quality source of reading entertainment covering a variety of topics and genres. Thirdly, we’re happy to finally have our store open and that many of you have made the transition from audience to patron. We’re happy for all these things and especially, Eat Your Serial is thankful to all of you for helping us in building our brand and making our endeavor worthwhile.

We could sit here and type until our fingers fly away, but without you, our loyal audience, we’d be madmen yelling in the dark…but instead we’re madmen (and women) with a steadily growing audience outside of the Subway, crowding around us and starting to buy our message. We’re glad you’re enjoying our rants.

Seriously, though, we’d like to extend our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to all of you this Thanksgiving and hope that everyone celebrating is enjoying a delicious meal with friends and family in the most Rockwellian way possible  (or at least a decent long weekend!)

From our family to yours,

Happy Thanksgiving


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