Technical Difficulties

It’s The Boss here (no, not Bruce Springsteen, but how rad would that be):

We’re having a few technical difficulties at the moment (as you’ve probably noticed from the errors at the top of the screen), and for a few days our wonderful features we

re disappearing into the dreaded 404 maelstrom of the internet. But the good news is we’re on top of it now, have all our wonderful posts back, and will even be back to normal soon.

Please stick with us during these turbulent times! It’s always a little bumpy after takeoff, and with all the upgrades we’ve been making to things around here, we were bound to run into a few snafus. But the results will be a better site, even more awesome content to read, and a snazzy new store that will – at long last! – include links for all our Apple users to buy their favorite books and try out a few new ones.

Thanks for your patience,

The Grand Poobah


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